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Patterns that “WOW!”

Recreate a “home away from home”

The living room is your and your family space to unwind after a long day’s work. Be it for watching TV, reading books, eating a snack or just lounging lazily, it is a space to “sit or work together”. A simple arrangement in an awkward nook or a corner or a small space is ideal for brightening up a room and bringing in a fusion of calmness and vitality together.

“Patterns that WOW” are ideas, themes, arrangements, inspirations, revelations that bring in your personal style – the inner “YOU”. Stockpile your favorite home decor to make a stunning backdrop. Make your home beautiful, watch the beauty unfold.

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Featured Art Description of the Month


Chikankari, translated as “embroidery”, is derived from the Persian word “Chakin” meaning cloth wrought with needlework. It is a traditional artwork form from the city of Lucknow and is believed to have been introduced by Nur Jehan, the wife of Jahangir, the Mughal emperor. Other stories date back as early as third century BC stating Megasthenes who talked about the usage of flowered muslins by Indians. There is also a story on how a traveler taught this embroidery to a peasant in exchange for water.

Delicately handcrafted, this artwork started as a type of whitework embroidery evolving to include colors. The fabric chosen is key to the process as the needle cannot be pierced in a thick or hard cloth. Backstitch, hemstitch, chainstitch etc. are used to sew the designs and the result is a stunning piece of work reflecting the beauty of the cloth and enhancing the beauty of the wearer. This creation involves several steps like:
Design: Choosing natural elements like flowers, leaves, plants, branches to sew
Engravings: The approved design is engraved in to blocks
Block Printing: Design blocks are used for block prints on the fabric
Stitches: An expert artisan now sews different types of stitches to bring the design element forward
After all of the above, the fabric is washed and dried. The dresses made out of this fabric are lightweight in nature and modern artists also stitch them in to home decor like wall hangings, tablecloth, tablemats, runners etc.

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Behind The Scenes Virtuoso!

Noah's Ark - Decora India

Tara projects was set up in early seventies with the objective of helping disadvantaged artisans and craftsmen in the Northern part of India. Since then, it has been engaging in production and marketing of handmade crafts on fair trade principles. At present, the group works with more than 1000 craft artisan families. A critical part of this effort is the training provided to enhance the skill of the artisans, provide self-sustenance to women, and support livelihood activities to benefit the artisan families. The beautiful Floral Small Jewelry Box and the Tree of Life Paperweight were created by expert artisans from this group. Photo Courtesy – Our Partner Servv

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Floral Jewelry Box

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Tree of Life Paperweight

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