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Patterns that “WOW!”

Recreate a “home away from home”

The living room is your and your family space to unwind after a long day’s work. Be it for watching TV, reading books, eating a snack or just lounging lazily, it is a space to “sit or work together”. A simple arrangement in an awkward nook or a corner or a small space is ideal for brightening up a room and bringing in a fusion of calmness and vitality together.

“Patterns that WOW” are ideas, themes, arrangements, inspirations, revelations that bring in your personal style – the inner “YOU”. Stockpile your favorite home decor to make a stunning backdrop. Make your home beautiful, watch the beauty unfold.

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Featured Art Description of the Month


A 4000+ year old work is the Dhokra work or Dokra work which is the art of lost-wax casting. The name Dhokra came from the tribal metalsmiths of West Bengal called Dhokra Damar tribes. Dhokra artisans primitively used animals, village people, celebrations, nature to depict their art. Gradually, evolved to more modern designs and is found in many home decor and home accent products today. Different regions use different ways of casting – solid casting or hollow casting. In the Eastern and Central states, the method of hollow casting is used where a clay core is developed keeping in mind the final product to be developed. This clay core is covered with bee wax, resin and tree oils. The wax is then carved with designs to bring the finer details in it. This clay piece is then covered with layers of clay and the clay is cooked in a kiln. The outer layers are then chipped off to reveal the final product. Solid Casting on the other hand uses wax to create the mould and make the final product and is more prominent among the southern states of India.

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