Patterns that “WOW!”

Recreate a “home away from home”

The living room is your and your family space to unwind after a long day’s work. Be it for watching TV, reading books, eating a snack or just lounging lazily, it is a space to “sit or work together”. A simple arrangement in an awkward nook or a corner or a small space is ideal for brightening up a room and bringing in a fusion of calmness and vitality together.

“Patterns that WOW” are ideas, themes, arrangements, inspirations, revelations that bring in your personal style – the inner “YOU”. Stockpile your favorite home decor to make a stunning backdrop. Make your home beautiful, watch the beauty unfold.

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Featured Art Description of the Month


Wood Carvings, Earthern Pots and Dreams…

The dawn begins and the chirp of the birds are heard above the roof. As the birds go soaring up in the sky, there is an artisan sitting on the charpai, sipping his hot cup of chai. He sees the beautiful birds fly by and their chirps are music to his years. The colorful nature blessed attire of the birds inspires him to pick his pieces of wood, carve them in beautiful designs and then handpaint them with colors that are inspired by the birds above the roof.

Another artisan lady is ready for her evening walk with her friends. As they walk by the riverbed, the smell of fresh clay hits them. They collect the clay, chatting ideas on making pots, vases, diya holders, matki’s….

Inspired by such stories are the beautiful creations that is the envy and pride of any home. Some of the beautiful products created out of these stories are below. Check them out in our portfolio: