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Patterns that “WOW!”

Recreate a “home away from home”

The living room is your and your family space to unwind after a long day’s work. Be it for watching TV, reading books, eating a snack or just lounging lazily, it is a space to “sit or work together”. A simple arrangement in an awkward nook or a corner or a small space is ideal for brightening up a room and bringing in a fusion of calmness and vitality together.

“Patterns that WOW” are ideas, themes, arrangements, inspirations, revelations that bring in your personal style – the inner “YOU”. Stockpile your favorite home decor to make a stunning backdrop. Make your home beautiful, watch the beauty unfold.

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Featured Art Description of the Month


Launching the “Rajasthani Relics” – The vibrant and kaleidoscopic charm of historic Rajasthan never fails to impress. Be it from the simple “chai” at the street shop or the “daal bati churma” at the local restaurant or the “Mohantaal” at the sweet shop or the colorful attires of the people or the prismatic handpainted pots, everything alludes to a charisma that is unparalleled. Not to miss the beautiful architecture, the forts, the havelis, the intricate carvings and of course the beautiful home décor and home accents that is the desire of every “home décor person”.

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