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Patterns that “WOW!”

Recreate a “home away from home”

The living room is your and your family space to unwind after a long day’s work. Be it for watching TV, reading books, eating a snack or just lounging lazily, it is a space to “sit or work together”. A simple arrangement in an awkward nook or a corner or a small space is ideal for brightening up a room and bringing in a fusion of calmness and vitality together.

“Patterns that WOW” are ideas, themes, arrangements, inspirations, revelations that bring in your personal style – the inner “YOU”. Stockpile your favorite home decor to make a stunning backdrop. Make your home beautiful, watch the beauty unfold.

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Featured Art Description of the Month


A 2500 old historical artwork takes it roots from the times of Ramayana Epic, where King Janaka, the king of Mithila asked artists to draw the marriage of King Rama with his daughter Sita. This art is prominent around the Mithila region of Bihar and Nepal. The specialty of this painting is the use of fingers, brushes, twigs, nib pens, brushes to bring a finesse on the strokes. Rice paste is used as a base and natural pigments and dyes are used for the painting. Themes that are commonly used include the natural elements of water, sky, greenery, birds, reptiles and animals along with geometrical shapes. Themes depicting royalty, weddings, celebrations are also common. One can see the paintings on the plastered mud walls and floors of huts in the villages of Bihar, but modern artists have used cloth, canvas, handmade paper, clay, steel tins to depict the art. In the past couple of years, women Madhubani artists started drawing Madhubani images on trees of Bihar to prevent them from being cut down. The Madhubani railway station was adorned with artwork of Madhubani by the women artists and efforts are underway to decorate all the government buildings with this artform. Kudos to the women artists of Bihar!

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