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1102, 2019

A woman entrepreneur and an artist with a passion for Terracotta

February 11th, 2019|

Have you ever wondered about women entrepreneurs who pursue their passion, encourage other women artists and put their best foot forward, while promoting products that are earthy, eco-friendly and appealing? Meet Mrs. Inthu, one such entrepreneur who lives in Chennai and promotes artisan made earthern Terracotta home décor, home accents and garden products. She also designs Terracotta jewelry and works with the artisans to make beautiful earthy pieces that speak of tradition and elegance combined together. A. Can you provide a brief background please. How did you start this venture and develop an interest in selling Terracotta products? I had a

1509, 2018

Paper Mache Doll Making Artisans

September 15th, 2018|

Navaratri is the special time of the year when the golu dolls are high in demand. The process of buying the best dolls for consumers starts a week before Navaratri, but for the hard working artisans, these are months and months of efforts to get the dolls ready. Our trip to Villianur - a small town in the outskirts of Pondicherry led us to the manufacturing hub of one of the artisan communities. We approached the house of the artisan (middle picture) who himself makes the dolls and also hires the local experts to make the dolls. They also help him

1903, 2018

Talk with a Terracotta Jewelry Designer and Artist – Shilpa Deepak

March 19th, 2018|

A. Can you give a brief background about yourself?  I started with face painting and henna work since my school days and then continued this work as a passion. I participated in a lot of events/ festivals in NC. I started to reuse/ recycle/ up cycle old things to create new crafts. In addition to this, I also draw, paint and currently, I am an after-school artist teaching drawing to the students. For me, “Art is never done – it is a process involving so many different things and the three elements are to observe, understand and implement it”. B. How did you decide to

109, 2017

Unique handmade jewelry that tell a story – Interview with Lakshmi Ganesh

September 1st, 2017|

Have you ever wondered about a handmade craft speaking a story? That is truly the essence of the handmade jewelry that artist Lakshmi Ganesh creates. Her creations are a blend of designs that are contemporary, classy, elegant and edgy. Every piece is uniquely “you”. They are a creation of art that touches your mind and soul and appeals to the woman in you. Let’s learn more about how craftsmanship, creativity and perfection together creates a harmony of a striking piece of jewelry. A. Can you talk a little bit about yourself? A brief background please. Born and raised in Mumbai;

1407, 2017

An 18th Century Art – The Wooden Crafts of Channapatna

July 14th, 2017|

Mr. Gajendra is an artisan in the toy town of Karnataka - Channapatna. He owns a small cottage business and operates with around four craftsmen in a small room at the backyard of his house. The front of his house is a wholesale shop, with handicrafts of all shapes and sizes made of wood. The middle portion is the house of Mr. Gajendra, and the backyard with two medium sized rooms, is his workshop, where he worked with artisans to make wooden toys and handicraft items. He said "Earlier there used to be lot of demand for Channapatna toys, but with

2706, 2017

Folk Dance – An Artistic Expression

June 27th, 2017|

Gist: A folk dancer and his troupe performing a traditional folk dance "Karagattam" at a cultural hub in Southern India. Karagattam is an ancient dance where the performers balance decorated pots on the head and dance, symbolizing joy and happiness. It was initially done by the villagers to appease to the rain god to give them rains. The essence of this folk dance is the ability to balance the pots and rhythmically move hands and legs, enabling perfect coordination and symmetry. The birthplace of this form is associated with Thanjavur district, though it is popular in several other districts, towns and

1206, 2017

A Potter’s Wheel

June 12th, 2017|

Pottery, an ancient art dating back to the neolithic age or the new-stone age is an art, handmade and traditionally unpainted with clay. It is formed by using the hands to knead the clay so that even moisture content is spread throughout the body of the clay. The potter then sets it back on the potter's wheel to set the perfect shape, increase the strength and harden the clay further. Then, the clay pot is heated at high temperatures in a kiln which helps in removing the excess water and drying the clay.  Once the finished clay pot is ready, it

506, 2017

Meet the Artist – Mr Srinivasa Raghavan, Glass-Blowing Artist at Dakshin Chitra

June 5th, 2017|

A day of vacation and we were off to see the acclaimed cultural hub of Southern India - Dakshin Chitra, and so glad we were, that we could visit it. It was a medley of arts and crafts, quaint and old-fashioned but with life-like replica models of rural houses. It was filled with activities, folk dances and above all gave a chance to meet artisans who had their demonstrations running through the day. We had one such opportunity to meet and talk to an artist Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan who has been a glass-blowing artist for more than 20 years. Learning glass-blowing as a

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