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2509, 2017

The Nine Colors of Navaratri

September 25th, 2017|

DID YOU KNOW? There are nine colors to represent the nine days of Navaratri. Navaratri or the festival of "nine nights" is a traditional celebration in India to worship the goddesses of Power - Durga and the various forms she represents through the nine days. The common belief is that Goddess Durga exemplifies different qualities on each day, represented by the nine different colors. Let's learn about this: Day 1:  Yellow - Goddess Durga is worshipped as Shailaputri - or the Goddess of the Mountains. She is dressed in yellow color. Day 2: Green - Goddess Durga is worshipped as Brahmacharini

2009, 2017

The Doll-Makers of Vandipalayam

September 20th, 2017|

Navaratri is the time of the year where celebration is galore, houses are decked up and people are ready to meet and greet forgetting their troubles. This is also the busiest time for the doll-makers who make beautiful dolls out of clay, paper mache and wood. Our team had the opportunity to visit a village Vandipalayam in Kadalur district. This is the place of more than 20 families who carry on doll-making tradition as a legacy from their ancestors. And, these are the suppliers for dolls available in the prime areas of Chennai like Mylapore, West Mambalam, Kuralagam, Poompuhar, Khadi Gramam

1909, 2017

Intriguing and Inviting Ancient Paper Art

September 19th, 2017|

Paper cutting and folding is a craft that all of us have tried, especially as kids. The art of paper craft unfolded in ancient India. Folklore around Mathura says that Radha expressed her love and devotion to Lord Krishna by drawing on earth with colours, and decorating with stones and flowers. The Sanjhi Art is an extension of this expression and is practiced in Mathura, the birth-place of Lord Krishna. Sanjhi , is derived from the word “Sandhya” or dusk  because Radha and the Gopis awaited Krishna’s return from grazing the cows at dusk. The art depicts Lord Krishna’s stories but

709, 2017

Natural Dye Exhibition – A Handmade Legacy of Weaves

September 7th, 2017|

A natural dye exhibition of Handloom Textiles and Handicrafts was organized by the Crafts Council of India in July 2017. Natural dyes are dyes extracted from the blessings of nature – trees, flowers, fruits seeds, roots etc. These dyes are then used in varied forms in the different textile products to give a fine look to the end product. At this exhibition, many handloom textile experts displayed their handmade work; craft traditions like Kerela Mural Work, Kalamkari, Kutch Weaves, Lambani embroideries, Pochampally tie, Bagru prints etc were shown. Art forms founded 4000-5000 years ago were displayed in their full glory. Visitors

2807, 2017

Gond Painting – Natives’ Creative Expression

July 28th, 2017|

Gond painting is a tribal art form practiced by one of the largest tribes in India called Gond. The Gonds were the ruling class in many parts of Central India in the 14th century. Though these paintings are considered to be from predominantly from Madhya Pradesh, it is popular in other Indian states too. The Pardhan Gonds are accomplished singers and story tellers. The Gond people have a belief that viewing a good image ushers good luck. That’s probably the reason these simple folk started making their own images or paintings. Gond people use earthy and bright colours to decorate the

2407, 2017

Decoupaged Coffee Table Makeover

July 24th, 2017|

A do-it-yourself (DIY) art brings with it a satisfaction, a feeling of ecstasy and a sense of achievement. This weekend we tried to experiment with one of the popular art technique Decoupage (pronounced dey-koo-pahzh). Decoupage is the art of using paper cut-outs (magazines, newspapers, photo prints, calendar prints etc) to bring a new form to any object. We experimented this with our old coffee table to renovate it a bit and recycle it with some of the old pattern papers that we had at home. The result was a effect that we loved and guess what, our coffee table blends so

707, 2017

The Scroll Tradition – Phad Paintings

July 7th, 2017|

India is a potpourri of colors, culture, deities and stories. One of the states Rajasthan in India conjures up the image and nostalgia of vivid art, craft and stories. Art that incidentally encompasses all forms – painting, music, story or theater, dance. Here’s a style from Rajasthan that is timeless and rooted in nature – the "Phad". Phad paintings are scroll paintings or folk paintings made on a long piece of fabric called Phad and use earthy colors to paint local heroes, mythological stories and stories on gods and goddesses. The artists narrate, enact these stories in villages and entertain the audience.

2505, 2017

Shilparamam – An Artistic Land for Arts and Crafts

May 25th, 2017|

Nestled in the hi-tech city of Madhapur is a quaint cultural hub “Shilparamam” – popularly termed as the arts and crafts cultural village of Hyderabad. Shilparamam presents a variegated collection of arts and crafts from across the country and has continued to wow both residents, tourists and foreign visitors. A sprawling 65 acres of land covers the entire village and it is a perfect example of a pollution free zone, showcasing the variety and blend of Indian culture and traditions. As we entered the sprawling village, we saw a large green lawn welcoming us, with huge Terracotta sculptures that truly conveyed the

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