Decora India is not just about handicrafts.
It is about the beauty of Art.
It is about the skill behind the Craft.
It is about the love behind the Craftsmanship.

At Decora India, we are committed to making cultures, both traditional and contemporary meet. We are passionate about enriching your home with the skill, love, and expertise that artisans breathe into their handicrafts. We are delighted to bring to you a unique portfolio of hand-picked and handmade products to make your home beautiful, elegant, rich and colorful.

Nurture your home, and bring in our artisan decor to add a sparkle of magic to the space you call your own.

Our Beliefs:

We believe in traditions
We believe in preserving heritage
We believe in bonding across cultures

We are excited to reach out to people who like to decorate their homes, creating a unique space for each member of the family which reflects their true values and personalities. Whether you’re looking at embracing a new culture’s vibrant heritage or you’re looking to re-create a home away from home, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Our carefully hand-picked portfolio consists of handmade artisan products from India, delicately and lovingly crafted to showcase the vivid legacy of this enticing country.

Our Sourcing: 

We partner with manufacturers and retailers from India who help promote our aim of “responsible sourcing” with an aim to preserve Indian cultural heritage and at the same time motivate artisans to improve and promote their products. Our association in the Indian and US markets are also with fair trade organizations that encourage creative and artistic potential from artisans in remote villages, towns, and cities. 

The nerve center for this vision is all centered around several social objectives – go green, be sustainable, conserve resources, encourage fair trade, and promote artisan development.


Our partnerships with wholesale suppliers, fair trade organizations are based on three things:

  1.  Trust in getting the best quality from our Artisans
  2.  Respect for each other’s work and
  3.  Encourage and promote craftsmanship to protect the legacy

Welcome to Decora India!