Arthi Sridharan, Founder

Hi! I am Arthi Sridharan, a marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in corporate companies like IBM, HP and IMRB International. In 2015, I started working on a freelance project with Pam Kaplan, former VP of IBM and a Technology, Multi-Media Enthusiast, understanding the handloom and silk weaving process. I heard the stories of the artisans, saw the expert designs that created a ‘”wow” factor in their art and witnessed the hardwork and toil which brought out the masterpieces in which they took pride. The artisans put their life and soul into the handicrafts and the weaving process and I felt that their life could be much better if they could use technology to simplify processes, widen their market and extend their reach far and wide. This journey inspired me to start a venture on promoting arts and crafts at a global level – from the remote corners of the East (villages and towns of India) to the thriving hubs of the West (US) where I now reside. To encourage and sustain the heritage and the legacy that has been carried on for generations, this initiative is a modest attempt to increase the visibility for the artisan products, revive the traditional Indian designs, build a global market for the products, and give back to the community of artisans in several different ways.

Rekha Chellappa, Craft Hobbyist and Advisor

Hello! I am Rekha Chellappa, an MBA graduate and a former corporate person, and I have had a diversified career path. I was a School Principal who later entered the financial sector, as a consultant for an NGO. Art has been a passion from my college days. I am a creative artist with expertise in crocheting, handweaving bags, purses, cushion and pillow covers, jewelry making, and handweaving dresses for young kids. I was excited when I got an opportunity to become an advisor for Decora India’s initiative for encouraging Arts and Crafts at a global level. I enjoy sharing my experiences in attending Arts and Crafts festivals, describing the cultures and traditional festivals celebrated in India, the various arts prominent in different parts of India etc. I also identify craft organizations, fair trade groups, artisan communities that can be tapped to make this initiative a success.

Senthil Kumar, Technology Advisor

Hi! I am Senthil Kumar, a Sr. Digital Marketing professional and a firm believer in promoting sustainable handmade products. I lead the marketing team for an IT Services Company and act as an Internet Marketing Consultant for non-profit organizations and several small businesses during my leisure time and weekends. Having grown in a small town, I truly appreciate the sweat of artisans and I partner with initiatives to improve their livelihood. I help Decora India to capitalize technology for driving e-commerce growth.