The Brass Meditating Buddha is an elegant piece etched in Brass and will be an eye-catching accent piece on the mantel or countertop or table. The intricately carved designs further enhance the charm of the piece.

Did you know how to distinguish if it is brass or brass-plated? Grab a fridge magnet and place it on the brass. The magnet will not stick if it is solid brass. If it does, then it is a brass-plated piece. Why is this important? For cleaning!

A brass-plated piece needs to be scrubbed lightly with hot soapy water and cleaned dry with a soft cloth so that you do not scrub hard to remove the plating. On the other hand, a brass can be cleaned lightly with soapy water or even with commercial cleaners if its is too tarnished.

Usage Ideas:
1. Place it near your entryway to give guests a warm serene welcome to your home.
2. Arrange some flowers in a brass bowl and place the Buddha statue near it on a tabletop or a sideway panel.