The Dhokra Handcrafted Deer Showpiece Set is a very beautiful set to adorn on your side table or corner table or mantel or countertop. Handmade of metal, the pieces are brought together using chisel and hammer and then shaped to bring out the features.

Dhokra or Dokra work is an ancient metal-casting work enhanced by its simplicity to represent folk motifs, and were originally crafted by the metalsmiths of West Bengal. The final casting is made of clay covered with wax and nut oil. The wax is then carved and shaped for its unique shapes and decorations.

Usage Ideas:
1. Place this on your side or corner table and make it an eye-catching corner.
2. Add it on a side panel using hanging shelves to enhance the look of the panel.
3. Place it in your kids room as an animal decor.