The Earthy Terracotta Handcrafted Camel Set is a very natural finish piece to adorn on your living room corner table or side table or garden or porch or patio. The cute handpainted motifs and designs lends a very elegant appeal to the overall look of the camel. The artist has used the combination of Terracotta and the motifs to make this an eye-catching decor piece.

Did you know? Terra Cotta means “Baked Earth” from the Latin Word Terra Cocta.
Terracotta is clay like earthenware with a  brownish-red tinge of color. It is an art in itself to paint a Terracotta material where factors like temperature, exposure to moisture really matter.  First the clay is formed to the desired shape. Then it is dried, placed in a kiln and then fired. Painted Terracotta is typically covered in a layer of gesso (a base white paint), and then handpainted with various designs and colors. 

Usage Ideas:
1. A beautiful accent piece to place on your mantel or corner table or entryway.
2. Use it as a centerpiece on your garden table or side table.
3. Make it a wall shelf decor in your kids room.