The Handpainted Terracotta Hanging Yellow Leafy Bell is a very earthy and bright piece to adorn on your garden or porch or patio or as an indoor decorative piece . The bright red leafy designs complement the yellow base, making it a combination of geometry with nature. Can be used indoor or outdoor.

Did you know? Terra Cotta means “Baked Earth” from the Latin Word Terra Cocta.

Terracotta is clay like earthenware with a  brownish-red tinge of color. It is an art in itself to paint a Terracotta material where factors like temperature, exposure to moisture really matter.  First the clay is formed to the desired shape. Then it is dried, placed in a kiln and then fired. Painted Terracotta is typically covered in a layer of gesso (a base white paint), and then handpainted with various designs and colors. 

Usage Ideas:
1. A beautiful hanging bell to decorate your garden/ porch / patio or living room.
2. Make it a entryway piece by hanging it in the middle.