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Handpainted Wooden Trays Madhubani Art


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This set of two beautiful wooden handpainted trays will add style and sheen to your kitchen serveware making it ideal during gatherings. The rich gold and white colors add a splendor, enhanced by the proclaimed Madhubani artwork on its sides and top giving it an ethnic look.

Madhubani painting also known as Mithila painting is an art doing by using fingers, brushes, twigs, pen nibs, blunt tips. Following a geometrical pattern, the art uses natural dyes and pigments and presents a cultural legacy. The uniqueness of this artwork is characterized by significant forms, the prominent ones being hatching and shading. Hatching form uses thin lines with less colors to create a picture, while shading form uses solid colors to fill in between. The combination of these two forms brings in a myriad of colors that is pleasing to the eyes.

Usage Ideas:

  1. A unique gift option for your near and dear ones.
  2. An ideal coffee table tray during evening get-togethers
  3. Decorate with flowers and tea lights and present an elegant touch to parties

In stock

Additional information

Product Dimension

TRAY 1 Length = 12.8 inches; Width = 10.4 inches; Height = 2.1 inches;
TRAY 2 Length = 9.4 inches; Width = 7.0 inches; Height = 2.1 inches.

Product Specification

Recycled Wood; Natural White & Gold color
Wood may have marks or patches which are natural. This product is handcrafted and handpainted, so a slight color variation and design variation is natural and hence makes the product unique

Expected Time of Delivery

5-7 business days

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