The Madhubani Handpainted Matki Vase is an elegant home decor all set to bring a bright and unique effect to your living room. The  vase is shaped like a cute matki with Madhubani artwork in between with the exquisite borders adding to the luster of the product.

The uniqueness of this piece is enhanced by two different forms of work – Terracotta and Madhubani. Terracotta is clay like earthenware with a brownish-red tinge of color. It is an art in itself to paint a Terracotta material where factors like temperature, exposure to moisture really matter.

Madhubani painting also known as Mithila painting is an art doing by using fingers, brushes, twigs, pen nibs, blunt tips. Following a geometrical pattern, the art uses natural dyes and pigments and presents a cultural legacy. The uniqueness of this artwork is characterized by significant forms, the prominent ones being hatching and shading. Hatching form uses thin lines with less colors to create a picture, while shading form uses solid colors to fill in between. The combination of these two forms brings in a myriad of colors that is pleasing to the eyes.   

Usage Ideas:
1. Place this in your living room on a corner shelf and admire the colors and the brightness to the room.
2. Adorn this on the countertop or mantel as a single piece set and behold the beauty.
3. Place this on a hanging wall shelf in your living room and get the color on your walls.