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Madhubani Peacock Multipurpose Basket


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The Madhubani Peacock Multipurpose Basket is a bright lively piece to adorn on your walls or as a knick-knack tray in your kitchen or as a fruit bowl on your countertop. Made of Papier Mache, the the colorful peacock painting adds a glowing look to the whole piece making it an eye-catching decor for any home. The handpainted colors are a contrast to each other enhancing the overall look of the tray cum wall hanging piece .

The uniqueness of this piece is enhanced by two different forms of work – Papier Mache and Madhubani Artform.
Papier Mache is a material made of pulped paper bound with adhesives to hold it together. Sometimes pieces of paper are glued together to make the base or the paper is added in boiling water, excess water is drained and then glue is added. Then the base can be molded in the desired designs. 

Madhubani painting also known as Mithila painting is an art doing by using fingers, brushes, twigs, pen nibs, blunt tips. Following a geometrical pattern, the art uses natural dyes and pigments and presents a cultural legacy. The uniqueness of this artwork is characterized by significant forms, the prominent ones being hatching and shading. Hatching form uses thin lines with less colors to create a picture, while shading form uses solid colors to fill in between. The combination of these two forms brings in a myriad of colors that is pleasing to the eyes. 

Usage Ideas:

1. Make this a centerpiece in the wall of your living room, bringing in a pop of color to the walls.
2. Place this with fruits on your kitchen island or counter top.
3. Use it in your garden table to give a ethnic celebration to your tea table.

In stock

Additional information

Product Dimension

Diameter – 13.5 inches; Height – 3 inches.

Product Specification

Tray is made of Papier Mache. Handpainted with Madhubani artform paintings.

Care: Soft dry with cotton cloth.

Expected Time of Delivery

5-7 business days


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