The Rajasthani Multicolor Handpainted Tissue Paper Holder is a lovely piece to set on your table or living room or breakfast nook or corner. Made of wood, the uniquely shaped center opening provides a perfect way to take out the tissues as and when needed. The box can be opened to replenish tissues. The intricate handpainted motifs on the bright color of the tissue box holder brings out the ethnic pattern and highlights the beauty of the holder.

The use of wood to handcraft accent furniture is an art mastered by the artisans in several parts of India. Once the wood is cut, shaped and sanded in various designs, artisans use wood preservative and a primer to get the first level paint on the product. Then, it is smoothed with sand paper for the colorful handpaintings. The artist then sketches the designs on the wood piece. The base colors on the motifs are filled followed by the intricate patterns and colors. Detailing remains key in this entire wooden handpainted process and is finished at the end. The wooden piece is then left to dry up. Sometimes, a layer of lacquer is added to give a glossy finish and an antique look to the final product. 

Usage Ideas:
1. Accentuate your dining table or kitchen island with this colorful piece.
2. Place it in your garden center during evening gatherings and add color to the atmosphere.
3. Place it in your bathroom to make it a stand-out piece.