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Red Handpainted Elephant Corner Stool


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The Red Handpainted Elephant Corner Stool is made of wood and has ethnic floral patterns and designs, making this a much cherished piece for your home. The red base and the yellow and green colors complement each other enhancing the beauty of the piece.

The use of wood to handcraft accent furniture is an art mastered by the artisans in several parts of India. Once the wood is cut, shaped and sanded in various designs, artisans use wood preservative and a primer to get the first level paint on the product. Then, it is smoothed with sand paper for the colorful handpaintings. The artist then sketches the designs on the wood piece. The base colors on the motifs are filled followed by the intricate patterns and colors. Detailing remains key in this entire wooden handpainted process and is finished at the end. The wooden piece is then left to dry up. Sometimes, a layer of lacquer is added to give a glossy finish and an antique look to the final product. 

Usage Ideas:
1. Place it in a corner stool in your living room with a planter on top of it.
2. Make it a centerpiece on your coffee table.
3. Set it on your mantelpiece or countertop, add a flower vase and watch the beauty unfold.

In stock

Additional information

Product Dimension

Width (Elephant head to tail)= 10 inches; Height = 8 inches; Diameter (stool top surface) = 8 inches

Product Specification

Made of wood and handpainted with Rajasthani floral and print designs.
Corner stool
Care: Soft dry with cloth.

Expected Time of Delivery

5-7 business days


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