The Teal Handmade Handpainted Elephant Decor is a cute and colorful piece to place on your coffee table or corner table. Handpainted with bright colors, the intricate motifs conveys an ethnic charm that is bound to brighten up any table. The teal blue trunk base and the dark blue forehead color complement the red, orange and green patterns on the back, making it a charming piece.

Rajasthan is famed for its wood carvings and intricate handpaintings on wood. Typically the home decor products are carved out of Sheesham wood or Mango wood, sanded, and then handpainted with traditional motifs on bright colors. Sometimes, the designs convey the old folklore and stories, while the more recent ones have evolved to appeal to the contemporary style of living bringing in a blend of the traditional and modern. 

Usage Ideas:
1. Use as a center piece in your living room on the coffee table or mantel and watch it instantly brighten the room.
2. Make it a exclusive home decor on the mantel or countertop or entryway console and see the beauty unfold.
3. Place it in your garden tea table or on your dining table to get a splash of color.
4. Make it a wall decor by placing it on a wall shelf.