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Warli Artwork Tapered Vase


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The Warli Artwork Tapered Vase is inspired by the tribal cultures of the “Warli tribe” of Maharashtra. The vase has rustic paintings depicting the village activities depicting festivities, occupations and motifs bringing in an aura of celebration. The pastel red rich color adds a sheen to the vase complemented by its contrasting blue neck, bringing in an earthiness and charm to the whole piece.

The uniqueness of this piece is enhanced by two different forms of work – Terracotta and Warli.

Terracotta is clay like earthenware with a brownish-red tinge of color. It is an art in itself to paint a Terracotta material where factors like temperature, exposure to moisture really matter.

Warli art depicts the life of the indigenous tribes living in mountainous or coastal areas. They are expressed in forms of a circle, triangle or a square and the artists form beautiful patterns with these forms. 

Usage Ideas:
1. Place this in your entryway to give guests a sure-shot welcome entry.
2. Adorn this on the countertop or mantel as a single piece and behold the beauty.
3. Place this on a hanging wall shelf in your living room and get the color on your walls.

In stock

Additional information

Product Dimension

Height = 8 inches; Diameter = 5 inches.

Product Specification

Vase made of Terracotta; Warli artwork in the vase.
Handpainted with red and blue colors.

As the product is handcrafted, there may be marks or patches in the vase. Color and design may vary slightly due to the handpainted nature of the product.

Expected Time of Delivery

5-7 business days

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