Warli Handpainted Photoframe


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The Warli Handpainted Photoframe is handcrafted with wood and handpainted with Warli Artwork from Maharashtra. The bright red base and the intricate motifs adds a charm to the whole piece making it an ideal piece to set on your mantel or work desk or book shelf.

Warli art depicts the life of the indigenous tribes living in mountainous or coastal areas. They are expressed in forms of a circle, triangle or a square and the artists form beautiful patterns with these forms.

Usage Ideas:
1. Use as a center piece in your living room and watch it instantly brighten the room.
2. Make it a exclusive home decor in room shelf or stairway walls and see the beauty unfold.
3. Place it on the mantel piece and lend a traditional charm to the setting.

In stock

Additional information

Product Dimension

Length = 7.9 inches; Height – 9 inches

Product Specification

Recyled Wood – handpainted with Warli work from Maharashtra.
Since it is handcrafted, there may be some marks/patches which are natural.

Care: Soft dry with cloth.

Expected Time of Delivery

5-7 business days

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