Enrich your living room or entryway with this very rustic and charming Wooden flap frame with Terracotta pot and create a new atmosphere to your room. The white borders with Warli painting add an extra patina to the whole piece. The Mango wood looks classy in its natural form providing a setting.

Mango wood which is wood from the mango tree is known for its hardness, and grain and texture. This wood looks great in its natural form and polishing enhances its beauty further. The uniqueness of this piece is further enhanced by two different forms of work – Terracota and Warli. Terracota is clay like earthenware with a brownish-red tinge of color. It is an art in itself to paint a terracota material where factors like temperature, exposure to moisture really matter. Warli art depicts the life of the indigenious tribes living in mountainous or coastal areas. They are expressed in forms of a circle, triangle or a square and the artists form beautiful patterns with these forms.

Usage Ideas:

1. Hang it as a centerpiece in your living room.
2. Adorn it at the entry point of your kitchen.
3. Welcome your guests by hanging it in the entryway wall or as a striking piece in the guest bedroom.