The Wrought Iron Handcrafted Animals Wall Hanging is a very beautiful piece to adorn as a home decor piece on your walls. Handmade from a single piece of wrought iron, the iron piece is hammered and chiseled to get the desired shape. The inspiration for this comes from the forest animals that reside in the dense forests of Bastar.

Wrought Iron handicraft also called as Pitva art is famous among the artisans of Chattisgarh. The iron pieces are first hammered and chiseled and heated in charcoal. Then the desired carving is made and normally a single sheet is used for small figurines and hangings. Then the carved iron piece is painted to make it an elegant piece.  

Usage Ideas:
1. A perfect entryway hanging.
2. Add it on a side panel to make it an eye-catching decor piece.
3. Place it in your kids room as an animal decor.