//The Nine Colors of Navaratri

The Nine Colors of Navaratri


There are nine colors to represent the nine days of Navaratri. Navaratri or the festival of “nine nights” is a traditional celebration in India to worship the goddesses of Power – Durga and the various forms she represents through the nine days. The common belief is that Goddess Durga exemplifies different qualities on each day, represented by the nine different colors. Let’s learn about this:

The Nine Colors of Navaratri

  1. Day 1:  Yellow – Goddess Durga is worshipped as Shailaputri – or the Goddess of the Mountains. She is dressed in yellow color.
  2. Day 2: Green – Goddess Durga is worshipped as Brahmacharini – In this form Goddess Parvati was a great Sati and her unmarried form is worshipped.
  3. Day 3: Grey – Worshipped as Chandraghantha on this day, this represents the married form of Goddess Parvati. She wears the semi-circular moon on her forehead, hence the name.
  4. Day 4: Orange – Goddess Durga is worshipped as Kushmanda. Living inside the sun, she spreads power and energy to the universe.
  5. Day 5: White – Goddess Parvati became the mother of Lord Skanda or Kartikeya or Subramanya, mounts on the ferocious lion and carries the baby in her lap. Lord Skanda becomes the chief warrior demolishing the demons to bring good over evil.
  6. Day 6: Red – Worshipped as Katayayani, she becomes the warrior goddess and eventually slays Mahishasura, the ferocious demon.
  7. Day 7: Royal Blue – Goddess Durga removes her outer skin to become Kalratri and kill demons Shumba and Nishumba. She is dark and rides on a donkey to abolish the demons and removes darkness from the universe.
  8. Day 8: Pink – She is worshipped as Mahagauri, with fair complexion. Adorning white clothes, she represents beauty and grace.
  9. Day 9: Purple – Sitting on a lotus, she is worshipped as Siddhidatri, the goddess who blesses all devotees for supreme knowledge and learning.

A unique aspect is to dress the Durga idols with these colors and in the modern times, devotees often dress up in these colors on each of the nine days. The colors change depending on the starting day of Navaratri each year.

We enjoyed learning about this. Did you?

Happy Navaratri 2017!

NOTE: We noticed that different panchang’s noted different colors depending on that calendar. We took the cues from wikipedia and the Dirk Panchang to learn about these forms of Goddess Durga. Please note that the views are personal and are not intended to hurt any religious practices, significances or meanings.

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