//Welcome December – The Month of Joy, Celebration and Happiness

Welcome December – The Month of Joy, Celebration and Happiness

The season of decoration and celebration has begun, and it is beautiful to see the wreaths, bows, Christmas trees, ornaments, the tree topper, the colorful lights glowing all around and creating a magical scene. The smiles on the faces, the welcome signs of decorations on the shops and the mood of celebration is a further treat.

Christmas is the time of the year when people get time to get-together as a family, decorate their houses, plan gifts for their near and dear ones, and think about food and inviting guests. Houses are magically transformed in to a fairy land of lights – some more mesmerizing with lights dancing to the tune of music. Interesting events in towns and cities like festival of lights, tree lighting ceremony add to the celebration making it a winter wonderland truly. The smell of hot cocoa, roasting of marshmallows, skating rinks, carousels and the tune of jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way rings in our ears. A visit to the downtown is unforgettable due to the line of bows, wreathes, and the lighting. Red and Green still remains the popular choice, while off late people are evolving to gold, white and blue, green and pink and many more. We saw some nice decorations at different places within North Carolina. Check this out!

Welcome December - The Month of Joy, Celebration and Happiness

It is also the time when handmade artisans display their huge variety of crafts from mason jar crafts to bows to body soaps to jewelry to cute little personalized gifts and collectibles. Small businesses are busy packaging their products in charming gift parcels, while large retailers are busy with promotional offers for this festive season. The post office is filled with parcels every minute. The shops are busy during weekdays and weekends alike, coming up with innovative gifts for everyone, age barred. Movies and tunes of Christmas carol monopolize the markets, reminding nostalgic moments of time spent with families. Christmas markets are buzzing with people looking for unique innovative gifts for their family and friends.

Welcome December - The Month of Joy, Celebration and Happiness

Truly, the magnetic spirit of Christmas is on and everyone alike participates during this season spreading joy, kindness and happiness.

Merry Christmas! Let the celebration begin in your home. 

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